We have long been passionate about creating and delivering holistic remedies to treat, heal and beautify people and make them feel extra special. That’s why we have gathered some of Melbourne’s finest practitioners in one place to deliver you the ultimate elixir of salon experience.

In the beginning

The idea for Remedy Bar was created when our founders had difficulty locating what they were looking for in Melbourne. That perfect place where everything they could possibly want for was in the one space. Inspired by their experience of beauty salons in Europe & USA, the motivation was to give clients the 'full experience', not just a simple service. From hair, spray tanning, beauty and anti-ageing treatments, to Reiki and healthy organic juices and superfoods. With an amazing group of passionate and committed people in our Remedy Bar family, we've been able to inspire change and realise our collective dreams. To create a space where clients can sit back and truly be pampered in style, having every need looked after in one place, and walking out feeling and looking their best - from top to toe, inside and out.

Remedy founders

With more than 3 decades of salon experience, Valerie & Peter have both shared a long love with the beauty industry. They were one of the first to introduce spray tanning to Australia, and shortly after began to question the use of harmful chemicals in cosmetics and beauty products. They have been living organic ever since. Constantly seeking to learn new things and always willing to change and evolve, their drive is to create a revolution in health & well being. Their mantra: 'open your heart to nature, it's the only true love'.